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From time to time, we have breeding stock for sale. Prices vary with market demand, age, parity and individual quality, so we prefer to sell by private treaty via direct negotiation with each buyer. If you have a serious interest in Tunis and/or Tunis x Texel cross sheep, please return the Contact Us form and we will follow up with you.

Photos of 2012 Ewe Lambs for Sale

Except for an eight year hiatus to complete graduate school, we have raised sheep on our farm since the 1980's. Our focus has been the sale of market lambs for local home consumption. In addition we sell wool to commercial buyers. More recently, we have begun to focus on saving back higher quality fleeces for custom sales. We also sell ewes to local producers starting or expanding their own flocks.

The foundation of our sheep flock consists of the Tunis breed. Tunis are a unique heritage breed characterized by white to cream colored wool and red face and legs. 

Group of Tunis ewes resting on pasture at Tim & Karen Leard farm

This is one of the oldest breeds in the United States and was widespread across the south before the Civil War. Unfortunately, they were a readily available food supply for both armies and the breed was almost decimated. Today's Tunis are decendents of one or two isolated flocks that survived the war. 

We have found them to be very heat tolerant with strong parasite resistance. Our goal is to conserve these characteristics while selectivey improving performance as it relates to meat and wool quality. See our Wool Page for more information on fleece and roving. 

Tunis ewe with Texel lamb in shade

Recently we have begun crossing some of our Tunis ewes to a Texel ram. The Tunis ewe in the photo above is shown with her young Texel lamb (note the white face). The Texel Breed is of European origin and bred for optimal meat yields. We have also found the Tunis x Texel cross has very nice wool quality. 

Tunis x Texel cross pregnant ewe

The above ewe is a Tunis x Texel cross shown about one month before lambing season. We typically have a surplus of breeding stock and offer ewe lambs, mature ewes, or bred ewes for sale. Return the Contact Us form if you have a serious interest in buying ewes. Note that we do not routinely retain ram lambs and do not have rams for sale. 

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