Lambing Barn

March 2013

The 2013 lambing season is closing with 125 live lambs born to 86 ewes. Once we've had time to crunch some numbers, we'll tally them here for such things as twinning percentage, Tunis vs Texel, etc. 

We are collecting videos and photos of the flock during the 2013 lambing season. Browse and enjoy scenes around the barn. It's been a little crazy and some long hours but things are moving along fairly well. On Feb 1st we had 17 lambs born! So the barn is packed with ewes and lambs. Time to start moving the new ones into pasture. 

Karen's video of the lambing barn on Jan 31st, just before the big day when 17 lambs were born. In the daily rush of lambing season, we are constantly tattooing, docking and moving ewes and lambs. Each ewe will spend 3-5 days in an individual stall, then be moved into group pens for a few days, then back to pasture with her lambs. 

We acquired our foundation ewes in 2005. This video opens with a young Tunis x Texel cross ewe with her first lamb, then moves to R98, one of our original ewes with her new twins. She has been a durable and wonderful mother who has earned a future place in the retirement pasture where her only responsibility will be to produce a nice fleece each year. 

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