Market Lambs

We offer market lambs for sale off the farm for home consumption. The Tunis breed is noted for a mild flavored meat and many of our customers remark that Tunis is their preferred lamb.

Prices vary with market demand, and we typically set one price and you pick the lamb. Return the Contact Us form if you would like more information on purchasing market lambs. 

We sell market lambs for home consumption directly off the farm. Tunis are noted for a tender, mild tasting meat quality. 

All of our market lambs are born on our farm and raised on their mother's milk, sheep vitamin / mineral supplement, grass & forage, and whole oats (purchased from a neighboring farmer). We do NOT use growth stimulants or hormone implants. 

The buyer is responsible for processing arrangements. We can offer suggestions for local processing options. Market lambs will be wethers (castrated male lambs) that generally weigh between 60 and 100 pounds. 

A group of Tunis wethers at the feeder.


This group of wethers includes both Tunis (red face) and Tunis x Texel cross (white face) lambs.

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